2022 WTC Schiphol Airport | MOVE ON

Photos by Buonq

Art project: MOVE ON [panta rhei]

World Trade Center Schiphol Airport
Schiphol Boulevard 105
1118 BG Schiphol
The Netherlands

Prints on windows in 3 layers of ink.

Visual artist Sanne Bruggink created the work ‘MOVE ON [panta rhei]’ for 69 windows, commissioned by WTC Schiphol Airport.

In her design, Bruggink created rectangular shapes in black, white and various shades of grey. Together, they form a moving pattern on the windows. They are in stark contrast with the 85 coloured glass baubles called “The Niijima Floats” (1996) by Dale Chihuly. Yet these two works of art complement each other. Both the baubles that seem to float on the water and the rectangular shapes create a sense of weightlessness.

Each encounter gives rise to change and everything flows. Not one moment will ever be the same as the previous one.

The daily stream of passers-by at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, on their way to new locations, situations and encounters, inspired Sanne Bruggink. She transformed this continuous movement into a 2-dimensional composition consisting of various rectangular shapes. These 69 shapes rotate from window to window, from small to large in an upward and downward movement. Each window is a response to the previous window, like a knock-on effect, in an interplay of transparent and opaque layers. These layers seem to slide past one another, creating space. The image is constantly changing, depending on reflection, transparency, light, perspective, background, foreground and composition.