Text about my work and a short work resume

A working day in Sanne Bruggink’s art studio – A short movie by Matti Stooker.

∼ Capture the balance ∼

I can be surprised by a moment that at the same time holds beauty but is also mysterious. Like when the sun shines brightly on a white fence but also shades parts of the bars, making irregular shapes appear to have been cut out. A brief moment of amazement and it slips away again. In my studio, I try to capture those moments. For where in my daily life I seem to have little grip on what stays and disappears, I can play with that in my work and in that way keep the balance in my own hands.

I capture light and movement on a flat and static surface, creating a strong suggestion of spatiality. For instance, I paint image and afterimage, where as a viewer you no longer know what you really see and what your brain adds, you can’t put your finger on it. A composition in fragile balance, a little more under control than released, a little more in harmony than in imbalance. Between geometric and organic, between form and emptiness, between appearing and disappearing, between visible and hidden.


Commissioned by WTC Schiphol Airport, I designed the work “Move On [panta rhei]”. Last year, it was executed over 69 windows (approx. 110 x 250 cm per window). The work consists of multiple prints in 3 layers of ink on transparent vinyl. The literal translation of “panta rhei” is “everything flows”; no moment and no image will ever be the same.

MOVE ON Panta Rhei WTC Schiphol

Besides large work for public spaces, I am currently focusing on work in small format, with thinly sprayed graphic layers of ink, on 35 x 35 cm paper. The modest proportions give the work an intimate character. In both my works for public spaces and my works in my studio, I shift, scale and rotate graphic layers in relation to each other to make a movement visible. By stacking the layers, leaving parts empty and working with different transparencies, I express light. Together, it gives the spatial suggestion you can identify my work with for 30 years.



Nederlandse tekst



1. Education

1997/1998 Rijksakademie, Amsterdam/NL. 1992 Institut Superieur des Arts, Toulouse/FR. 1989/1994 Koninklijke Academie voor Kunst en Vormgeving, Den Bosch/NL.

Atelier Sanne Bruggink Rietlandpark Amsterdam

Picture by André Smits – “Artists in the world”

2. Exhibitions shortlist

2023 Egmond aan Zee/NL. Gallery Conny van Kasteel 2021 Bergen/NL. Schlessart  2018 Rotterdam/NL. PHK18 Murals inc. 2016 Amsterdam/NL. Arti et Amiticiae  & Apeldoorn/NL. ACEC 2015 The Hague/NL. Gemeentemuseum. & Purmerend/Nl. Museum Waterland. 2014 Haarlem/NL. Vishal and St. Bavo  & The Hague/NL. Gemeentemuseum. 2013 Amsterdam/NL. Gallery VOUS ETES ICI  2012 Rotterdam/NL. Gallery Iris Cornelis. 2011 Prague/CH. Art Prague. 2010 Sydney/Au. SNO, Sydney Non Objective. 2009 Purmerend/NL. Museum Waterland & Paris/FR. Paris-CONCRET. 2008 Haarlem/NL. Gallery Rob de Vries & Bonn/DE. GKG. 2007 Amersfoort/NL. Museum Het Mondriaanhuis.

3. Public Space shortlist

2022 Schiphol WTC/NL. “Move On”: foil on 69 windows. 2017 Leiden/NL. Museum de Lakenhal “Shimmer”: wallpainting. 2011 Amsterdam/NL. Marcusstraat “het Schijnt”: foil on windows. 2010 Amsterdam/NL. Weesperplein “Ontspoord”: foil on windows. 2005 Amsterdam/NL. Betondorp “Onderlangs”​: aluminium on walls. AFK and Ymere.